Nahual Heart

Corazón de nahual (Nahual heart) was born from a dialogue between Jacobo and María about their youthful engagement, and what was at the time the act of courting your partner through a gift. They thought of an object that was given as a gift in the past: a jewelry box, and how these have always been tiny containers of secrets and treasures.

This limited edition collection consists of brilliant hearts carved in copal wood, embraced by each of the 20 nahuals of the Zapotec calendar, and, just like the jewelry boxes of yesteryear, they are encapsulated in small wooden boxes, cushioned by a pad woven on a backstrap loom of Santo Tomás Jalieza.

This production was elaborated in a period of eighteen months, due to its meticulous decoration, and the delicacy in the intervention in gold and silver leaf, however it was kept for three years, this due to the pandemic. Today it emerges as a treasure from the depths.

This series is based on reflecting on the idea of the gift, encouraged by the act of courting and getting close to the person you love; to let them know that you want to know their world, their perspectives and their visions, either for life, or for a second.

Each one of our pieces is a love letter to your most precious one, where the delight of loving is manifested through the exquisite details of this special production of Jacobo and Maria Angeles workshop. This gift is for your lover to take with them, an amulet to accompany the one you love the most, to preserve the Zapotec wisdom, and the sharing from your most intimate entities: your nahual; your heart.

A charm, an earring, a rose, a letter:
when a Zapotec welcomes you into his home and offers you a mezcal, he opens his heart; he gives you his life.

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Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

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