The automobile is the vehicle par excellence. That machine that gives us the possibility to move spatially, but also to involve us in various types of symbolism, whether status, identity, among others. This has generated that the act of designing a car has become a process closely related to art. Being art an important influence, but also the automobile a crucial element in artistic work.

The amount of inspiration it has provoked is countless: film, music, literature, painting, performance, photography, video art and installation. Milestones of the visual and plastic arts in history, where the automobile itself becomes a medium for artists. Its symbolic connotation surpasses its factual implication. The automobile became a symbol and image, which, like a photograph or painting, can be appropriated and reinterpreted in any way. Art has been in charge of immersing it in the footprint of time, immortalizing automobiles that for certain generations and contexts are or were important.

Understanding art as a way of translating the world, isn’t the automobile, conceived as an extension of its users, considered art? In this constant quest to understand the symbols that construct us – and that we ourselves construct – the modifications we make to the things around us, our context and possessions, can bring us a little closer to a much more personal reality.

From this idea, the workshop Jacobo y María Ángeles has decided to get involved in the tuning of reality, in the intervention of various objects and in the contribution to the reconstruction and appropriation of reality. This is how TUNEO becomes a line of work in which automobiles have been intervened in order to translate our cosmovision in other ways.

In this production line we have collaborated
with two brands: Mercedes Benz and Mastretta Cars.
This will be our last exhibition in
the gallery of the workshop.

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Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

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