Cold Blood

Within the Zapotec wisdom the reptiles represent teaching, for example Iguana is the animal of mastery, transcendence and certainty. The serpent represents the highest power, it knows how to talk and convince us even if all forecasts point to appeals. Because of this reason Jacobo and María Ángeles Workshop honorably presents SANGRE FRÍA (COLD – BLOOD), an unprecedented collection that has been conceived for eight years.

This sample is made up of two blocks, the first one with elusive reptiles and amphibians that come out of their hiding places to move through the stones to sunbathe. And on the other hand, elegant manta rays and sharks, marine animals that glide through the depths of the ocean in search of warmer waters for their subsistence.

These incomparable pieces carved in copal wood, some even intervened with exquisite details in gold leaf, enjoy full dedication to the mimesis of the three-dimensional figure and its textures, as well as a plastic vision that continues to innovate in compositions and palettes of color, which in this case focuses on the use of cold tones, some even neon; also reminding us of a very common artistic style in the nineties.

COLD BLOOD is the collection of the great masters of Zapotec wisdom,it teaches us with great delicacy about the mettle required to make decisions; about the search for one’s own certainty, which is entirely necessary to be and be at peace with oneself. Finally, they share a great lesson with us: sometimes you have to move and leave in order to be ok.

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Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

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