Virgin Juquila


for the Vatican

This Marian invocation of the Virgin Mary, originally from the town of Santa Catarina de Juquila, Oaxaca, is one of the most important and venerated images in all of Mexico, visited year after year by thousands of pilgrims who travel from many states of the country.

Its origin goes back to a miracle that took place in the town of Amialtepec, where, as a result of an uncontrollable fire that destroyed more than half of the town’s patrimony, the small image that was locally worshipped, surprisingly remains intact and dazzling in spite of that disastrous event.

A transcendental symbol within the worship of the Catholic faith in the country. Juquila, Patroness of Oaxaca, is honorably represented by the Taller Jacobo y María Ángeles, metalwork applications by master Conrado Villegas Alcázar, filigree by master jeweler José Jorge García García, both from Oaxaca de Juárez, as well as textiles from Santo Tomás Jalieza, elaborated by master Elsa Abigail Mendoza Antonio.

This beautiful figure carved in cedar wood, decorated with Zapotec symbols typical of the hand-decorated technique by the workshop of Jacobo and Maria, also has a sacred glow and the celestial body of the moon in alpaca craftsmanship, a crown made of silver 9.5, and a prodigious stole woven in backstrap loom.

The result of this collaboration between artisans is the precious figure of this transcendental symbol in the catholic cult of our country.

A production that required more than 5 months of work, and the conjunction of visions between artisans devoted to the virgin, who with much respect and admiration conceived with their hands the honorable image of Juquila.

On October 11, 2022, this magnificent work of art was delivered to the ARIPO store of the Oaxacan Institute of Handicrafts (IOA), with the objective that the State Government will make the necessary arrangements for the Marian image to be delivered to His Holiness Pope Francis I, as a gift from the Oaxacan artisans in gratitude for the work with which they have been blessed in their years of trajectory.

A few days later, the procession took place with the faithful devotees to the shrine of the Virgin, located in the Magic Town of Santa Catarina Juquila, to be blessed before leaving and finally being delivered to His Holiness Pope Francis I in the Vatican on October 26, 2022.


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Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

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