Hurakan refers to the deity of the storm, a word of Mayan origin that describes
one of the most complex natural phenomena. One-legged creature that
approaches the surface imposingly, moving impetuously in the wind with its
arms, and holding itself up from the sea with its claw.

Throughout history, countless hurricanes have struck populations, making their power stand out before humans and reminding us of our fragility. Its extraordinary strength is the cause of great harm, and yet also the provider of rain and abundance in other lands. This is how it makes us see that after any disaster, circumstances can regenerate into prosperity.

This exhibition of the Jacobo and María Ángeles workshop seeks to translate this idea, paying tribute to this fearsome but kind god. With his multiplicity of presences and affectations, he shows himself to us once again from the instance of the implausible. We should not be carried away by its dark image, because despite appearing from the noise of the gloom, the hurricane helps us to reconstruct the discomforts of the ecosystem, thus recovering the diversity of life, and therefore, its colors.

2021 was the year of the wind, which was one of the major sources of inspiration for the production of this series, which is the first pictorial collection of the Jacobo y María Ángeles workshop. Hurakán is a unique proposal, in which the most significant canvases are accompanied by a sculpture, and in which the sculptures themselves challenge the idea of balance.

“The hurricane is a climatic symptom that teaches us the
strength of Mother Earth in her goal of maintaining
balance and perpetuating order, thus furthering the cycle
of life.”

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Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

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