In this endless celebration, the monkeys, so loving of themselves and their friends, laugh, embrace and cuddle with each other. An unusual setting where behavior is defined solely by the guideline of pleasures. These joyful primates teach us a very important lesson: how sexuality is an essential part of our nature.

There is a cultural dimension to desire, the one that is socially constructed, but also the one that comes from the most intimate. Those singularities that we have always been told were a secret, a forbidden. Aren’t those curiosities as inherent to the subject as the senses? Isn’t sexuality also a way in which we understand ourselves and inhabit the world? How does moral strictness condition us in a repressive policy?

PACHANGAS is to associate the word pleasure to evolution, is to associate the word freedom against repression. It is to associate a reality to a collective life experience, through these amusing compositions of interactions between simians, where the adventure and experimentation of sexual freedom is reflected.

A risky proposal by the workshop Jacobo and María Ángeles, as it brings to the table the amplitude of possible connotations within the knowledge and reflections on sexuality, in a context that has not always been flexible to discuss these issues PACHANGAS is a different statement, a counter-response to the social stigma, approached from the taste, but distinguished finishes of these figures carved in copal wood.

This collection invites the viewer to an intimate encounter, recognizing themselves in a circumstance where enjoyment abounds. A permanent gala in which is exhibited, without any sorrow, that entity that has been so much wanted to take away from us: pleasure.

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Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

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