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House of Mexico in Spain

To welcome the beginning of Spring, the Taller Jacobo y María Ángeles
installed a splendid character on the façade of Casa de Mexico in Spain, which
had a body like the face of a jaguar, an impressive beast, with the legs and wings
of an eagle, a formidable predator. The body was crowned by two small quetzals:
birds of goodness and abundance.

The purpose of this piece was to aesthetically configure the façade of a precinct whose
ultimate goal is to honor and exalt the culture of a country like Mexico, in
a multicultural context that has resulted in syncretism and miscegenation. It
is important to recover the syncretic value of this emblem in the conceptualization
of this work, as it seeks to make visible those qualities that constitute the House
of Mexico in Spain.

This piece, which was placed in the portal through which one enters such a distinguished space,
served as the threshold where visitors, workers, and all those
dedicated to evoke the vitality of this cultural precinct pass through. Protected by a mystical
beast and two precious quetzal companions, this prestigious precinct was honored,
which we consider to function in itself as a portal to Mexico in Spain.

This imposing piece was a true work of art installed with more than 22 thousand
natural flowers – carnations and chrysanthemums in different colors – that adorned the entrance
to this cultural space.



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Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

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