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Jacobo and Maria Angeles are pleased to present their Guardians, a fantastic narrative that they developed over 6 years, which in an innovative palette of pastel colors, and textures creditors own research in Zapotec symbolism, were presented to the public expectant to his nomadism and strong character. Precious figures, that to this day continue with their incessant walking.

These precious characters carved in copal wood walk with their navigators on their backs, the gentle tonas and the intrepid warriors. They give multiple maromas to the air, small vermin. They go confidently, because under the care of a Guardian, there is no risk that can compare to their strength.

The exhibition was housed at the Mexican Art and Object Gallery (MANO) in Chicago, Illinois, crossing incomparable blizzards, and greeting every unknown vermin, a walking tribe is found, that in a line meanders over the roads. A tribe made up of tonas, nahuales, warriors and guardians. The latter being the protagonists of this collection.

Guardians, brave creatures ready to set out on their journey and safeguard their tribe. These mythical characters of the “Nomads” narrative set out on their endless journey, always with their heads held high. They are responsible for the care, transport and defense of all. A story about resistance, persecution and migration in a dystopian future, where science merges with ancestral cosmovisions, among them the Zapotec.

To protect is to give life. This is a lesson that the Guardians share with us in their wisdom, it is to embrace strongly, it is to be very careful in every step, in every word spoken; it is to remain calm in uncertainty for the safety and survival of others. No one said it is easy, fortitude is their great gift. Loving protectors. How much gentleness is needed for the hardness of survival?



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Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

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