The jewelry area was consolidated on April 10, 2017. At that time, the technique applied was the assembly of costume jewelry; progressively implementing the methods of lamination, spinning, beveling and silver embossing.

Between 2020 and 2021 the silver carving process is perfected with the Plaga collection.
A series of more than 400 bugs carved in wood with hand-worked silver applications.

In 2021 the techniques of lost wax and serial casting are implemented, being only a production tool, as the pieces are still carved and polished by hand.

The jewelry brand is a contemporary proposal from the town of San Martin Tilcajete. Our goal is to reinvent ourselves from the concept of the accessory and its wearer, generating a unique experience that distinguishes us..

A little bit of history…

In 2005 the project Milagros de Sabina began as a result of the birth of Sabina Ángeles and the desire to give her hand-decorated wooden toys. Thus the idea of building a mobile inspired by Mexican toys such as yoyos, spinning tops and little airplanes. María realized that the people who visited the workshop were attracted to these objects, so she continued to carry out exercises of this type, implementing a format that would eventually become a production line.

Sabina grew up and stopped using toys. Then it was decided to give a twist to the pieces and to add in the process the knowledge and practice of silver, which implied a new possibility inspired by the process of Sabina’s growth.

One of our first pieces were wooden hearts carved and decorated with paint and silver applications, as pendants. What began as an exploration of disciplines through trinkets, has evolved into a proposal of high quality jewelry.

Our team is constantly training to continue to evolve the aesthetics and techniques with which the pieces are made. We are currently perfecting the lost wax technique.


Cjon. del Olvido 9, 71506
San Martín Tilcajete, Oax.
951 524 90 27 ext.4


Monday – Sunday
8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Open 365 days a year

Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright© 2021 Jacobo y Maria Angeles. All rights reserved Frequently Asked Questions

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