Taller Jacobo y Maria


More than 30 years ago, our town and its people were not like now. We used to work in the fields and very few were those who were dedicated to wood carving; In the nineties, the generation to which we belong migrated to the United States, everyone doubted this profession. Despite the attractiveness of migrating, the Workshop was founded in 1994 by the newly married couple of Jacobo and Maria, with the desire to undertake the rebirth of the tonas and nahuals, animals with spirit, that originally our ancestors carved, from a continuous appreciation of our origins and constant observation of our environment, thus undertaking extensive research on our culture, taking as inspiration archaeological sites, and worldview of our ancestors. As time went by, we developed a style that we have been perfecting to this day, always seeking to innovate and reinvent ourselves.

The Workshop started alone as a couple, then family and people looking for a job were invited, with whom we shared knowledge, techniques and without realizing it, we were already forming a school, and the team soon grew. Thus, from our beginnings, we have constituted ourselves under a social structure called “communality”, which within the structure is teaching, sharing and contributing. We were the first workshop to innovate regarding the carving of the pieces in a single piece of wood,

which meant a greater degree of technical difficulty, since one of our greatest goals was always to achieve that our pieces were recognized as works of art, since for a long time this trade was treated as a souvenir. As of today, we are proud to say that our community-workshop has generated more than 300 jobs and that we are also sustainable and committed to our raw material, planting more than 19,000 trees in our region so far.

Cjon. del Olvido 9, 71506
San Martin Tilcajete, Oax.
951 524 90 27 ext. 4

Monday-Sunday: 8:00 am-6:00 pm
We open 365 days a year
[email protected]



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