We are an artisan workshop in which we work with nature and our fields
with our Palo Que Habla team.

In 2004 we became aware of the growth of our trade and the consumption of
raw material in our community and wood carving communities.
From our commitment and responsibility we generated a program for the
reforestation of endemic trees, mainly copal, which we use in our carvings.

Since 2010, we have started with collective reforestations and in 2020
with our Adopt a Tree (AuA) campaign, in which we invite you to participate.

By June 2021 we have reforested
28.25 hectares equivalent to 40,000 trees

What do we do at Palo Que Habla (PQH)?

At Palo Que Habla (PQH), we work in the field, from the sowing and planting of endemic trees and native seeds. We generate microclimates from reforested microforests, where we produce a solution to drought, building water reservoirs. All the above with two main missions, to defend the territory from the restoration and agroforestry use; as well as the vindication of the peasant labor at social and economic level. Our vision is to create a union of art and the trades of the countryside. From the field to the table and from the table to the field.

Our Values


We seek to preserve farmer knowledge and economy as a form of resistance and defense of the territory.


We are based on communality as a form of organization. We express our solidarity through the tequio, joining efforts to achieve a collective benefit.

Art and education

The workshop functions as a school of arts and crafts for the youth of the Valle de Ocotlán.
Our goal is to open new horizons for the youth through art, culture and sports.


To vindicate and dignify the work of the farmer, so that the value of the countryside is perceived by all, starting with ourselves. To promote food sovereignty: to generate
self-consumption of our seeds and vegetables.


To transform the landscape through the sum of conscious wills. Advise and contribute to the defense of the territory. To twin with other projects with which we share mission, vision and philosophy.


We seek to transform the landscape through reforestation. We restore sites disturbed by man, agriculture and natural disasters.

Conservation of native seeds

We believe in food sovereignty. Therefore, we plant native corn, beans, squash, chickpeas and other seeds as a form of resistance and defense of the territory.


We are aware of the importance of knowing the origin of food and its production system. That is why in addition to planting corn, beans, squash and chickpeas we decided to plant vegetables and raise our own animals for self-consumption.

Beekeeping and pollinator garden

Pollinators play key roles in ecosystems. Our restoration model includes the establishment of beehives and the construction of pollinator gardens, natural spaces with attractive flowers and pleasant smells to attract our honey bees and other pollinators.

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