Mercedes Benz

Mercedes & jacobo and maria angeles 

In September 2020, the truck intervened by the Jacobo and María Ángeles Workshop was unveiled, read more…


birkenstock & jacobo y maria angeles

Birkenstock and taller Jacobo y María two brands that share the same philosophy and commitment to offer read more…

Reforestation 2020

“Earth has asked us for a breath”

For the tenth consecutive year, our annual reforestation took place, which, this time,read more…

Zapotec Art and Mysticism

Documentary film by Coreano Vlogs

Of Asian origin, but with a very Mexican heart, read more…

Brothers of Earth

Exhibition in Palacio de Hierro

We decided then, to make the fusion of both elements read more…

Behind the Mask

Exhibition in Casa Montejo

We were fortunate to bring this exhibition to the beautiful read more…

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