The Taller Jacobo y María Ángeles inaugurates “Plaga”, a sharply reflective collection that inhabits between the limits what we consider beautiful and what we passionately reject as unpleasant.

Despite presenting a room filled by hundreds of insects, the effect of anxiety or repel that animals commonly produce considered as pests it´s nullified by the meticulous details of Zapotec iconography, the silver details and the gold leaf finishes that adorn these crispy bugs carved in copal wood.

This exhibition reaffirms the uncomfortable commitment to the plague contrasting the relationship between the forms of the beautiful and the disgusting that can be reversed according to the gaze of the observer. With a double visual sense, teachers confront our notion of what is desired, what is beautiful, what we want to possess and what we want to be a part of.

All these insects were articulated around various scenarios that come from the hand of man and show the adaptability of these small animals to the conditions that we generate for them without realizing it. We flee and focus our efforts on exhausting the plague at all costs because it shows us how dirty, dark and mundane in our own lifestyle. uriously, the same element that brings us closer to the plague is the one that takes us away from it: our lifestyle that accumulates, throws and fills with waste.As an invitation to reflection, Plague it brings to us everything that we don´t want to see and we produce ourselves.


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