Hermanos de la tierra

The idea of ​​”Hermanos de la Tierra” (brother of Earth in English) was born about 5 years ago, from a workshop on ‘Search for alternatives’ that we had with the designer Oscar Vásquez Alanís, an exercise in which we worked on sensitivity, the idea was to stimulate our 5 senses, looking for an alternative in terms of materials, using what we had around us, elements of the earth and nature, objects that we found in our path, thus limiting the use of brushes and wood, with which we were used to work.

Each of us made an intervention to our piece, based on the use of the materials with which we experimented.

Later, we went as a team to the city, to explore materials that we had not previously had access to, and in the middle of that search, we entered a mineral store, where we had a first approach to the “nautilus”, which are the fossils of mollusks, thus arising the idea of ​​integrating them into our pieces, playing with their shapes and spirals, which we love and in which we saw an infinite number of possibilities.

Later, we had the opportunity to attend the ‘Stones and Minerals’ exhibition in Tucson, Arizona, where we realized that there were pieces of much larger dimensions than we knew before and in that moment, our imagination flew to think about what we could achieve create with those elements.

In parallel, we were beginning to rescue and give life to dead wood, which, due to storms or the passage of time, end up being abandoned on the ground.

We decided then, to merge both elements, taking advantage of the imperfections and deformations of the dead wood, perfect for splicing the fossils of the nautilus into them.

On this occasion, we had the joy of being invited by Palacio de Hierro, in Mexico City, to intervene in its space with this totally authentic and innovative exhibition proposal, presenting this collection, “Hermanos de la Tierra” composed of 40 unique and unrepeatable pieces, which show the synergy between materials that nature offers us and that immerses us in the depths of the past and of our own existence.

Each piece has its own meaning, decorated with Mixtec-Zapotec iconography, in a unique style and aesthetic that we have developed over the years, this from a deep appreciation of our origins. Our goal is for our Zapotec culture to be recognized by the figures we create, the tonas are animals of the Zapotec calendar, while the nahual is an animal fused with a human being.

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