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Clase Alebri-G

In september 2020, the G-Class – Alebrije was unveiled, the german off-road truck of the brand Mercedes Benz intervened by the Jacobo and María Ángeles Workshop, an abstract representation of Oaxacan culture and the symbolic expression of Mesoamerican culture.

The truck was our canvas for 5 months, a brand new and different surface from our traditional methods; the intervention began by forming a professional team to implement design tools in the conceptualization and development of this new interpretation of our aesthetic in a vehicle.

It was an iconic intervention on a truck known for the power of its engine and its sophisticated style. Starting with geometric and linear grids, a selection of color palette, and a solid work team, that results has an environment of two cultures, the Oaxacan and German culture in each of its details.

G-Class and the three powers, an abstract representation from the fascia to the trunk, it dives into the details, weaving with the snake as the maximum power that runs from the fender to the roof of the vehicle, the jaguar on the hood as a symbol of strength and spirit representing the earthly power, the eagle on the sides shows the outlined eyes on the headlights, meaning visual power.

Symbols around the Zapotec culture and its cosmogony are embodied in our wooden figures such as; person (People), wind (Language), mountain (difficult path), fish (respect), seed (fertility) to mention a few, in addition to the labyrinths that as artists we are attracted to by the artistic movement of cubism in Germany, as a way of A tribute to its origin, as well as in the color palette there is black, red, and yellow in its details, these could not go unnoticed. in addition to the interesting intervention on the roof of the truck designed by Ricardo Ángeles, the typical checkered flag of auto racing and the colors of the American Indian flag of Wiphala culture.

Class G – Alebrije was a challenge achieved by the union of talents, beyond being a intervened truck, is a truck with spirit that by itself and wherever it goes masters the three sacred powers.

Each colaboration leaves us a great learning and we want to give proper recognition to all the effort of our team for the great result G-Class – Alebrije, which is now in Germany, after having been exhibited in several states of the Mexican Republic and thanks to the Mercedes Benz MX team for having made this collaboration possible and leading it to be a great expectation of artistic intervention in the automotive industry.

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