Internship and Volunteering

The projects Taller Jacobo & María Angeles, Mogote, Milagros de Sabina and Palo que Habla offer the possibility of doing internships or volunteering in a unique and creative environment, due to the different areas that we have in the workshop. Develop skills within the various areas that we have in the workshop and acquire fundamental experience for your personal and professional development.


To make your internship or volunteering an unforgettable and pleasant experience, we share this more detailed information about the process and everything you need to know so that you can soon be with us.

1.- Choose which activity you want to do with us
• Social Service and Professional Practices
• Volunteering
2.- Choose the area where you would like to do your internship or volunteer
• Workshop Jacobo and María Ángeles

Know and learn, from start to finish, the process of making our carvings, starting with the curing of the wood, passing through the carving, until reaching the decoration of the piece, and along the way, learn also about our techniques of innovation!

• Milagros de Sabina-Joyeria

Acquire skills in the jewelry area, such as beveling, cutting and engraving in silver pieces for jewelry, as well as fine decoration in wood.

• Mogote-Ceramica

Experiment, research and learn with us, pottery techniques that allow you, from the use of local resources, give flight to your creations.

• Palo que Habla – Bioconservation

One of our objectives is to register existing knowledge and generate new ones, through research, be part of this experience and let’s build together, pursuing alternatives for collective, self-sufficient, self-sustaining and self-sustaining life.

3.- Send your documentation by email

Send the following documents to

1.- Official identification (Scanned or legible photograph).
2.- Letter of reasons.
3.- Portfolio of work / profile (If necessary).
4.- Medical certificate (No more than one month issued).
5.- Calendar of activities.
6.- Letter of academic recommendation.
7.- Possible date of entry.

4.- Important

1.- We accept interns throughout the year.
2.- It is the obligation of the interested party to make the agreement in advance at the corresponding institution. (Only applies for social service and professional practices).
3.- All documentation must be sent at least three weeks in advance.
4.- The hours of permanence within the workshop will be assigned by the manager or supervisor of the area to which the intern is assigned.
5.- We include breakfast and lunch during your internship (The same foods that are given to the workshop collaborators).
6.- Consider that the first day of admission is Monday at 8:00 am.
7.- Transportation or lodging will not be covered.

Elizabeth Calzadias
9512556565 Ext. 1006


Germán Segrove

Cjon. del Olvido 9, 71506
San Martín Tilcajete, Oax.
951 524 90 27 ext. 4

Monday-Sunday: 8:00 am-6:00 pm
We open 365 days a year



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