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We were born in San Martín Tilcajete, a town known worldwide because of their crafts made on carved wood.

We work under comunality and guelaguetza principles, when you visit us we will show you how we make our crafts in a free tour ideal for the whole family.

Our mission is to be a school of arts and crafts recognized worldwide, inculcating the noble craft of the artisan with the development of our tones and nahuales.

Look closely at the tonas and nahuales as well as the parallel projects in which we are venturing.

Jacobo y María Ángeles Workshop

We will show you the project that we have been developing over twenty five years in the creation of our tonas and nahuales.

Natural pigments

Look closely at the amazing demonstration of colors with pigments obtained directly from our mother nature.

Spiritual protectors

Meet your protective animal and the animal that defines your personality according to your birth date and our Zapotec calendar.

Studio / Gallery

You will meet the study of the Masters Jacobo and María, the place where the magical Zapotec art is born, you will appreciate many of their works in this space.

Milagros de Sabina

We will show you the handmade jewelry project made with silver and copal wood, you will find many designs with a fantastic decoration.

Paint your alebrije

It is a workshop of approximately 45 minutes. You can paint and decorate a tona that will accompany you back home, remember that your tona is your protector.

Mogote cerámica

Utilitarian pottery project that uses local mud decorated with amazing patterns of our culture.

If you want to have a closer experience to our tonas and nahuales we have the workshop “paint your alebrije” or the possibility of taking a weekly stay. Click on it for more details.

The demonstrative tour through our workshop is free and is available 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visit us!

Palo que habla

Here we will give you an explanation of the reforestation project and how we preserve the sacred tree of copal, and here you can also enjoy delicious Oaxacan cuisine.

Palo que habla is a bioconservation project whose objective is to preserve the sacred tree of copal. You will visit the nursery where we make this initiative a reality.
Learn about the annual reforestation in which we seek to exceed the goal of the previous year.
The tour is ideal to teach our children to take care of the environment and instill the value of the responsibility we must have with the environment.

Azucena Zapoteca

In “Azucena Zapoteca” we pride the traditional Oaxacan food with its regional dishes, we have a menu specially designed to taste in the “palo que habla” nursery.

It is a restaurant that rescues traditional Oaxacan food with its regional dishes. Enjoy the exquisite Oaxacan gastronomy in our restaurants or even in the nursery of the “palo que habla” project.
Enjoy delicious Oaxacan dishes in a family environment ideal for the whole family.
We have a specially designed menu to enjoy in the delicious environment of the field in “Palo que Habla
You can visit us at any time, but if you wish to notify us of your arrival, talk to us. We will be waiting for you!