“Zapotec Art and Mysticism ”
Documentary film by Coreano Vlogs

Of Asian origin, but with a very Mexican heart, Coreano Vlogs (Cristian’s pseudonym) is one of the most popular communicators on social networks, where he shares his life in Mexico and other places in Latin America, through videos that entertain us, but also shows us the traditions of different cultures that Cristian has the opportunity to meet.


On August 1, Cristian, together with his team, came to visit the Workshop, to learn more about our history, the processes we follow to make our “tonas and nahuales” and the way we have evolved until to reach today, with the aim of producing a documentary, which he entitled “Zapotec Art and Mysticism”, directed by Gabriel Salcedo, which is now available on his YouTube channel.

“Coreno Vlogs not only embodies a unique cultural mix, but the vision of a new generation that, through technology and the internet, breaks the barriers of language and ideology, to build a global vision and develop as citizens of the world. “

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