Birkenstock & Taller Jacobo y Maria Angeles

Birkenstock and Jacobo y María Workshop (TJ&MA ) are two brands that share the same philosophy and commitment of offering socially responsible products with the best management of natural resources and raw materials.

In September 2020, the well-known brand in the fashion industry for its comfort and design allied with TJ&MA putting together a creative synergy that resulted in a collection of 336 unique pairs of sandals, each pair was intervened with dedication and perfection in each shape, line and stroke as in the wooden figure better known as “Alebrijes”. This collection had exclusive availability in the online store and in the Birkenstock México boutiques in Mexico City.

This collaboration goes hand in hand with our “Palo que Habla” bio conservation project, which is dedicates to the preservation of the copal tree, endemic species of the Ocotlán valley and the raw material that we use in our pieces carved in wood.

For this reason, beyond seeking to pay tribute to Mexican culture and its artisans, the main goal was to promote an action with low environmental impact, allocating the profits generated from the sale of this collaboration in an integrated manner to this project.

Thank you Birkenstock México for sharing this collaboration encouraging the same social and environmental commitment.

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