Zapotec altar

The celebration of the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca is a tradition that invokes the spirits of our ancestors to “visit” us in the earthly world again, so an offering is prepared to make their visit pleasant.
Our deceased return home because they are attracted by their old belongings and for the love we have to them.
This tradition is undoubtedly one of the largest in all of Mexico, since it strengthens family ties by reviving the memory of our loved ones.

On our altar we have placed codices of our ancestors such as a the seed symbol, representing the underworld.
Then the bricks symbolizing the earthly. Giving these two elements the meaning of corn on earth.
We include water, because it is a fundamental part for the sprouting of the seeds, in addition to attract good energies and repel the bad ones and also avoid the evil eye.
We add fire representing the sun, a key element for the growth of our seed, the corn. It is important for us to include our tonas and nahuales, who will serve as guides for our spirits, and the puppies as their salvation.

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