Jacobo y Maria Angeles

Shiin Naa Lasn

The Shiin Naa Lasn is an artisan event held in San Martin Tilcajete for the day of the dead.

“Shiin Naa Lasn offers artisans a decent place to exhibit and sell the works they create with love and dedication in each of the family workshops”

In 2006 due to social conflicts tourism activity and therefore the Oaxacan economy were affected, for this reason, the art festival of the town was born as an initiative to encourage the economy and attract tourism again, an important source of income for the state..

The festival presents craftsmen from the community, as well as from different regions of the state and even from several states of the Mexican republic.

¡Stay tuned to our social networks!

The event is held every year, it usually starts before the Day of the Dead festivities, so stay tuned for social networks to be notified and join us in this event that you will love.

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